3B Elle – About us

What role does business, should business – and most importantly – can business play in our lives? In our communities? In shaping the future of our world?

Our world is increasingly confronted with major challenges around climate change, driven in part by old ways of conducting business (e.g. lack of supply chain transparency, resource intensive manufacturing and distribution practices and short-termism) that have proved harmful to our planet and our communities. We see tremendous opportunity in the startup sector to offer innovative solutions to allow business to benefit people and the planet, while also driving profit. 

Shaped by our unique professional and personal experiences, and inspired by our personal values, passions, and professional goals, we are committed to taking part in the startup ecosystem as it shapes a new world architecture by changing the very ways we interact with each other and our environment. 

Sustainability-centric innovation is causing a disruption in established food production models that have long determined how and what we eat. New entrants like plant-based meat startups have tapped into a new world of possibilities for food production by discovering how to remake staples from our diet in a healthier, more resource-efficient manner using innovations in science and technology.

Through this blog, we will examine how new businesses in the food space are driving disruptions in the industry’s supply chain and how big companies and startups are driving sustainability across the entire sector.  

Who are we?


Julia spent the last 6 years launching and scaling a for-profit for-good technology startup in Silicon Valley. Through exposure to a large network of socially responsible investors, large companies, nonprofits, and social enterprises, she experienced firsthand the true potential of startups to leverage technology, innovation, and the tools of business itself (i.e. developing a scalable business model) to confront some of the greatest environmental and social challenges facing our planet. Julia also worked with Fortune 500 executives to develop a white paper about the increasing importance of ESG for corporate management. Prior to the tech startup world, Julia worked with health focused nonprofits based in Cameroon and Thailand including blogging for Brown University and Watson Institute For International Affairs on her work in rural Thailand.



Sara’s passion for entrepreneurship and challenging the status quo moves as early as her engagement in the family business, a top performing manufacturing company with the mission of developing, patenting and producing innovative products for the HVAC industry. Her last role as Marketing and Communication Manager has shaped both hands on and managerial skills in devising and executing marketing digital strategies across different communication channels. The exposure gained through being a member on the Board of Directors with a primary PE fund has equipped her with deep insights about growing businesses, especially in such critical phases of the business cycle as M&A and LBOs. Keen to share her experiences with others, Sara has been an active member of FCEM since 2016, the first international organisation for women entrepreneurs.



Cristina is passionate about combining innovation and technology to design and produce the energy of the future. She has developed her career in the energy world, driving large capital projects across Asia, Africa and Europe. During her last venture as Global Innovation Lead, she contributed to the industry digital transformation by developing a cloud-based data centric framework grounded in decarbonization and asset security strategies. Besides her professional endeavors, Cristina has collaborated with several non-profit organizations in Nepal and India, bridging gaps within and across communities through more widespread access to technology, enhancing the productivity and quality of life of slum residents.